Zenith Express / France

Model: BB

Year: 1951

No.: 6

One of the rare espresso machines produced in Marseille/France.

Can be operated by gaz or electricity.

This ZENITH is technically in an excellent state.

Visually this machine can tell you its story:

  • the chrome is partly de-polished
  • the left cover has a damage at the hinge which was repaired (see photo)
  • the adjustable gaz heating is not original but with flame protection
  • the piston springs are not original but in stainless steel
  • the filter holders are those of a SPAZIALE
  • the plastic covering has got one small crack at one of the screw holes

This ZENITH is the ideal machine for everyday use as well as professional use!

It is characterised by their simple operation and their extreme robustness.

Visually the most beautiful machine!.

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