GAGGIA / Italy

Model: America

Year: ca. 1960

Can be operated by gaz or by electricity.

Visually one can see its history:

• the chrome is partly depolished

• the rear cover is made from polished brass - not original any more (see photos - the original cover exists but is cracked)

• the side caps are not original but they are nice and practical

Flame protection and piezo-igniter have been installed.

The piston springs are not original but made form stainless steel.

This AMERICA is the ideal machine for everyday use also in professional use!

It is characterised by their simple operation and their extreme robustness.

Dieser originale Siebträger der AMERICA erzählt doch von zig Tausend Espresso's = zig tausenden Menschen die er glücklich gemacht hat!

Urzustand und Zusammenbau

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